Community & Lifestyle

Community & Lifestyle

Abu Dhabi’s people place a large emphasis on the family and community. Before 1960, the only settlements were small towns and villages, however since then oil wealth has fuelled extensive modernization.

The commercial production of oil funded a general improvement in diet, healthcare and living standards, all of which played a role in the growth of the local population. Abu Dhabi's total population increased dramatically with the introduction of a foreign, predominantly male, labour force.  The dependence on expatriate labour has played an integral role in Abu Dhabi's development into a multi-ethnic society, with UAE nationals accounting for approximately 20 per cent of the population.

In the past four decades, Abu Dhabi has attracted the full spectrum of nationalities and cultures from around the world. This influx, particularly in the past 15 years, has been accompanied by the introduction of corporate, social and entertainment options to cater for the population's diversity. Restaurants offer a wide variety of ethnic foods, catering to a new, multicultural population.

Today, Abu Dhabi is home to a multicultural, modern and ambitious population. Towns have been transformed from mud-walled communities into commercial hubs that are increasingly integrating into the global economy, and reflect a modern, sophisticated approach to local residential and business accommodation.

Aldar is proud to be contributing to the future of Abu Dhabi, catering to the different needs of families and businesses as they seek to make Abu Dhabi their new home. As a member of the wider Abu Dhabi family, Sorouh places the needs of the community at the very heart of all its projects, by creating places in which people want to live, making people and their wellbeing the central focus of its business and acting as an integral member of the community in which it operates.

Abu Dhabi's infrastructure development has been impressive. The welfare system has become a conduit for the rulers to distribute the benefits of the Emirate's oil resources.  It provides comprehensive state services for all nationals, and includes quality healthcare, education to the tertiary level, social security, family allowances, subsided electricity and water, and housing for low-income groups.  The growing international community benefits from Abu Dhabi's focus and commitment to all its residents, especially regarding the provision of medical care.

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Aldar's active participation in the key aspects of Abu Dhabi life, guided by an integrated approach to real estate development, offers a sustainable balance between the needs of residents and the need to protect the environment. By achieving its own internal goals, Aldar also makes a valuable contribution to the economy and overall welfare of the people of Abu Dhabi.