Al Merief

Al Merief

Residential Land exclusively for Emiratis. 

Picture a distinctive Emirati community in Khalifa city, a place combining Emirati traditions with the very best modern amenities. Imagine the excitement you and your family will feel as you design and build your own villa – a villa that perfectly meets your family’s needs. In your mind’s eye, see the happy faces of your family members as they enjoy life in your very own dream home.

Set within swathes of beautifully designed lawns, recreational facilities and sheltered gardens are family owned villas; every home in Al Merief has its own appeal – each is a different facet of the whole.

This is one of Abu Dhabi’s up-and-coming neighborhoods and every villa is in close proximity to the community’s mosques, school and neighborhood retail centre.

The walkways link residents to the open spaces in other areas of Al Merief; they help to build a close sense of community – here you will know your neighbors: their children will be your children’s friends, and you too will make friends as you walk amidst the flower beds of the beautifully crafted gardens. Perhaps you will share a pleasant conversation beneath a shady tree.​​

Al Merief will become a genuinely exemplary Emirati community.

  • ​Number of land plots: 283
  • Sizes: 1,000 sq.m- 1.500 sq.m
  • Location: 3rd Street. Khalifa City A [behind Etihad Plaza]​​​

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