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Approach To Leverage


Approach to leverage - conservative dept

Aldar maintains a conservative financial debt policy to optimise gross debt capacity across both the Investment business (Aldar Investment) and development business.


Approach to leverage - corporate structure

Corporate structure enables our Investment business to operate more independently to drive greater operational and capital efficiency.


Approach to leverage - credit rating

Aldar Investment attained Baa1 credit rating and successfully raised two $500 million sukuks in September 2018 and October 2019 respectively, supported by its high quality, diverse asset base.


Approach to leverage - separate debt policies

Strong governance in place – separate debt and dividend policies for both Investment  and development businesses.


Approach to leverage - balance sheet

As 30 at June 2020 the balance sheet remains robust with cash plus available and undrawn liquidity lines of AED 6.5 billion.


Approach to leverage -debt policy

Conservative debt position, with existing debt levels well within stipulated policy LTV ranges for both Investment business of 35-40% (37.2%) and development business < 25% (9.5%) as of 30th Sep 2020.

Approach To Leverage

Financial Ratio

Baa2 (stable)

LTV 9.5% 


Baa1 (stable)

Aldar Investment Properties LLC

Credit Rating

Outlook Stable
Credit Assessment Baa1

Credit Rating


Sukuk US$ 7 years 29/05/25 4.750% $500
Sukuk US$ 10 years 22/10/29 3.87% $500


  • What is the general business of Aldar Properties?
    Aldar Properties PJSC is the leading real estate developer, manager and owner in Abu Dhabi and, through its iconic developments, it is one of the most well known in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East region. Aldar Investment Properties is a 100% owned subsidiary of Aldar properties PJSC with assets worth more than 20 billion dirhams.
  • When was Aldar Properties established?
    Aldar Properties PJSC was first listed in Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) in 2005
  • What is Aldar’s credit rating?
    Aldar Investment Properties has a Credit rating from Moody’s Baa1 Stable, which is one notch higher than Aldar Properties PJSC rating of Baa2 Stable
  • Where can I find the latest financial results?
    Please visit latest results page for further information 
  • Where can I see the historical financial data?
    Please visit financial results page for further information
  • Where can I find the latest copy of the Annual Report?
    Please visit annual report page for further information
  • On what exchange is Aldar Properties listed?
    Aldar Properties PJSC was first listed in Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) in 2005
  • What is the number of Aldar Properties shares listed in ADX?
    Aldar Properties PJSC total shares outstanding is 7,862,629,603 shares
  • Who are the major shareholders of Aldar Properties?
    The government of Abu Dhabi through its related entities own approximately 40% of the company
  • Who can own shares in Aldar Properties?
    Aldar has a foreign ownership limit of 49%
  • How can I get the current and historical stock price information of Aldar?
    Please visit our strategy for further information
  • What is Aldar’s dividend strategy?
    Aldar Properties PJSC has a well-established dividend policy that pays out 65%-80% of DFCF from its Asset Management business and 20%-40% of realized cash profits upon handover from its Development Management business
  • How can I receive my dividends?
    Please visit Share registrar for further information
  • Whom should I contact if I did not receive my dividend payments?
    Please visit Share registrar for further information
  • When is the date of the AGM?
    Please visit financial calendar for further information
  • Who can attend the AGM?
    All shareholders are permitted to attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Where does the AGM take place?
    A venue and time are selected closer to the AGM dates. Please keep visiting the website for further information
  • Where can I get information on analysts’ views on Aldar Properties?
    Please visit analysts page for further information
  • How can I get the latest news and announcements?
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  • Who can I contact at Aldar Properties to talk about investor matters?
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  • How can I make inquiries by email?
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Investor Relations Contact

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Mohammad Al Maazmi

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Samar Khan

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