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Brand Identity

The Aldar 

We place our customers first by embedding 
sustainability, quality, technology and 
innovation in everything we do.


Our logo highlights the brand name and the brand mark equally. The frame is an integral part of our logo.

Aldar Black Logo

We communicate in dual language,
like our logo.

We communicate in both Arabic and English. Dual language does not mean locking up both languages together on every application. In fact, digital applications such as video allow us to communicate in a sequence i.e. Arabic first, and then English.

Colour & Typography

Our colour palette adds richness and depth to our communications. Colour should be used sparingly and subtly to add sophistication and character.

Shades of blue

Aldar is professional, reliable and trustworthy. That’s why we have chosen a shade of dark blue as one of our secondary colour and contrasted this darker shade with a lighter shade that communicates Aldar’s sense of imagination and freedom.

Green Lines

Aldar aims to create healthy, happy and vibrant communities. Green is the colour of life and represents harmony, health, growth and freshness. It can be both energizing and relaxing depending on the hue and conveys prosperity and sustainability, all qualities that underpin Aldar’s identity.

Yellow Orange Lines

Aldar is energetic, optimistic and dynamic. We attract attention and communicate happiness and fun. Both orange and yellow help to communicate these attributes and make sure we can grab people’s attention when required. 

Our Fonts

We use Poppins.

Poppins is our English typeface. It is clean distinctive and legible, reflecting our commitment to communicating clearly and transparently with our stakeholders.

We use Almarai.

Almarai is our Arabic typeface.It complements Poppins, allowing our typography to appear unified and consistent across dual language.

Aldar Fonts
Our Sonic

This is what we sound like. By uniting our visual identity with a sonic style, we have created an auditory experience that not only demonstrates our innovate mindset, but also the way we fuse culture and modernity at every turn.



Orchestral / Light Violin / Khaliji


Brand Imagery

We care about people. That is why all our imagery is relatable and human-centric, representing the real experience of daily life.

Our photographic style is about capturing moments where people interact and enjoy time together. It focuses on the stories of the communities we serve, and has a strong sense of place.

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy reflects our ambition to develop thriving communities and create unforgettable experiences.