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Aldar HQ, Floor 1, Abu Dhabi

Aldar Training Academy

Aldar exists to enrich lives. Not only by providing people with homes and experiences, but with education and opportunities, too. As our communities grow and develop, personally and professionally, we are here to support that growth with a new approach to training that’s open to everyone. Aldar Training Academy (ATA) liberates learning. Instead of teaching from a textbook, we empower people by giving them the tools they need to achieve: hands-on experience, real-life skills and the confidence to build on their strengths - or acquire new ones. Through better training, we are helping build a more skilled community and a stronger future for Abu Dhabi.

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Leadership Academy

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Operations & Safety Training

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Continuous Professional Development

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Initial teacher training

Our Heading

We empower and inspire professionals.

We provide the right tools - theoretical and practical knowledge.

We are open to everyone.

What we offer

Aldar Education

Everything we do comes from the heart. We want to enrich lives and help communities grow. Our success comes from our people and we aim to create an environment where everyone can excel.

What makes Aldar different

Aldar Training Academy is designed for the real world, welcoming people of all ages and all backgrounds who share a passion to better themselves. Developed by empathetic leaders, our training is accessible, hands on, inclusive, diverse and driven by a vital purpose: to develop our society and secure our future.