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Delivering desirable
destinations that create
long-term shareholder value

Aldar’s primary activities are based within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where it owns a significant land bank and diversified real estate property portfolio. The activities of the Group are split into two main areas, Aldar Development and Aldar Investment.

We use our experience and knowledge of the Abu Dhabi real estate market to create long-term shareholder value through the development and monetisation of our land bank and through maximising the value of our Investment business.

Aldar Development

Monetise landbank - Focus on destinations (Yas, Saadiyat and Reem Islands)

AED (2020)



AED (2020)

5.0 BN

Total Revenue

(2019 & 2020)


of Development Management Project

Units (As of 31 Dec 2020)


Aldar Development pipeline unsold

As of 31 Dec 2020


% of pipeline sold

As of 31 Dec 2020


LTV (Loan-to-value ratio)


LTV within Debit Policy

As of 31 Dec 2020


Dividend policy of cash profit

Aldar Investment

Maximise value of investment -Diverse revenue mix across retail, residential, office and hotels

AED (Q4 2020)

18 BN

Owned AUM

SQM (Q4 2020)


Leasable Floor Area

AED (FY 2020)

1.7 BN

NOI incl. adjacent businesses share of 0.2BN

(Q4 2020)


Occupancy (ex hotels)

Years (Q4 2020)


WAULT (ex hotels)

As of 31 Dec 2020



As of 31 Dec 2020


Within Debit Policy of LTV

As of 31 Dec 2020


Dividend Policy of distributable FCF

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