Sustainability Governance

At Aldar, transparent governance and business integrity are fundamental to how we deliver on our strategic priorities. Behind our Sustainability Framework is a clear structure of accountability. The last year marked a landmark for sustainability governance at Aldar. As well as bringing sustainability it under the oversight of our CFSO, we also added ESG metrics into performance systems of the Executive Management Team and we established a Sustainability Council. Together, these developments mean sustainability and financial performance are more interdependent than ever, with visibility – raising the visibility of the sustainability agenda both within and outside Aldar.

Sustainability Council

Aldar’s Sustainability Council was established in 2019 in order to accelerate the integration of sustainability ESG topics across Corporate, Development and Asset Management business divisions. Chaired by Salwa Al Maflahi, Associate Director of Sustainability and CSR, the Council consists of 17 senior executives from each business function and reports directly to Aldar’s Executive Management Committee. In 2019, the Committee met monthly to debate key topics including the Sustainability Framework, a Mandate and Charter for the Council and roles, responsibilities and governance. Also recorded in meeting minutes were updates on specific initiatives and CSR programmes.

Cascading Sustainability

In order to cascade sustainability throughout our diverse businesses, the Sustainability Council has appointed Sustainability Champions from across Aldar to promote sustainability ‘on the ground’.

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