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Sas Al Nakhl, Abu Dhabi
Nursery to Year 12

Sas Al Nakhl ADNOC School

At Sas Al Nakhl ADNOC School, we integrate creativity and life skills in all our learning experiences. We develop students to become responsible, highly competent citizens and leaders, and promote a global outlook that respects UAE heritage alongside world cultures.

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Emirati Students


Emirati Students




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Number of Students


Ministry of Education

The teaching of Arabic subjects is based on UAE Ministry of Education guidance and materials, with the aim of keeping native Arabic speaking and Muslim children familiar with their national identity and religion. In addition, through these lessons, international students gain an understanding of the UAE’s heritage, which helps enhance mutual understanding, peaceful co-existence and cross-cultural harmony.

The US Massachusetts State Curriculum

The Massachusetts State Curriculum is the most highly regarded study programme in the United States. With close ties to prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT, it stands above other curricula for its rigorous, comprehensive and forward-thinking design. It’s also considered to be more demanding – and rewarding – than the American Common Core Curriculum.

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