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November 30, 2021

Real Estate in Abu Dhabi: Where Your Next Investment Opportunity Awaits

If you're looking for investment opportunities, have you ever considered investing in the UAE? We have the right suggestion for you. What do you think about investing in real estate in Abu Dhabi?

Although the UAE's real estate market witnessed a setback in 2020 due to the pandemic, things are getting back on track. As of writing this, the Emirati government has the virus under control, vaccinating more citizens and easing restrictions. In the coming years, we can expect prosperity in the real estate market.

Why Invest in Abu Dhabi?  

If your money has been in the bank for a while, putting it to good use is only worthwhile. In fact, it’s better to put it somewhere to generate profit; Abu Dhabi is the place to do that. But why Abu Dhabi?

Wide Range of Options

Real estate in Abu Dhabi is known for its diverse options, offering all kinds of properties, including homes, offices, lands, and retail and commercial spaces. Such diversity makes Abu Dhabi a great choice for investment in the UAE. It is also home to many beachfront destinations that appeal to those looking for esteemed rental properties in Abu Dhabi at luxury locations to treat themselves after retirement.

Supportive Policies

The Emirati government has sure issued a couple of policies and reforms to facilitate the development of the real estate market in Abu Dhabi. The government introduced a law allowing non-Emirati residence to own freehold property in specific zones.

In 2019, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued an ownership law allowing foreign investors to possess land and rights, including mortgage, owner’s association entry, and sale. This plays a major role in strengthening the real estate sector in the capital of the UAE, providing flexibility for foreign investors, and making Abu Dhabi an environment rich in real estate investment opportunities. 

High ROI

Despite 2020’s restrictions and the decline in the real estate market, the sector seems to be recovering very well. Real estate in Abu Dhabi, and the property market overall, are flourishing and are expected to provide more promising business investment opportunities with a high return on investment. There are many projects worth investing in; Al Dar has many that may interest you. 

Where to Find the Best Investment Opportunities in Abu Dhabi? 

Overall, Abu Dhabi is an ideal choice to find the best property investment opportunities in the UAE, but some distinctive locations offer more worthy investment options, including: 

Reem Island

One of the fastest developing and most sought-after neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi, Reem Island provides many top-notch residential and commercial properties. The area has incredible amenities, including schools, hotels, hospitals, and malls, and boasting premium infrastructure. Above all, Reem Island is one of the leading waterfront destinations in the city and is one of the first free zones in Abu Dhabi.

Al Raha Beach

Al Raha Beach is another prominent option to consider if you plan to invest in a residential property. It extends over 11 km along the coastline and is home to the famous Yas Island. You can land on first-class residential properties built in welcoming communities and equipped with all sorts of facilities.

Saadiyat Island

With a strategic location, only 7 minutes away from Abu Dhabi downtown Abu Dhabi and 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport, Saadiyat Island will soon become a leading leisure, residential, business, and cultural hub. The Island is home to ‘Saadiyat Beach Golf’, the first ocean golf course in the region, and hosts several residential properties, hotels, and retail centres. And let’s not forget about the mesmerising white sand beaches.