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Best Beach Clubs in Abu Dhabi


April 12, 2022

Beach Clubs in Abu Dhabi

Visitors from all over the world come to Abu Dhabi to enjoy its stunning beaches and the variety of fun water activities that appeal to all age groups. So, if you are looking for one of the best beach clubs in Abu Dhabi for fun, adventurous experiences, or relaxation, read below to discover some of these clubs and all you need to know about them.


Saadiyat Beach Club

When choosing a beach club in Abu Dhabi that fulfils your cravings for relaxation and unforgettable moments, Saadiyat Beach Club is the place for you. Many aspects make this beach club the right choice for you, such as its location. The Saadiyat Beach Club is located on Saadiyat Island, known for its many tourist attractions and the Saadiyat beach, which appeals to all visitors with its golden sand, crystal clear water, rich sea life and water activities. 

Visitors of Saadiyat Beach Club can either get a one-day pass or become club members through monthly, trimonthly, biannual or annual membership plans.  

Amenities and Activities 

The Saadiyat Beach Club is the perfect destination for those who love island vibes and warm summer weather and want to relax during the day to watch beautiful sunsets. 

When arriving at the beach club, visitors will find a vast outdoor pool of 650 square meters right next to private cabanas. As for the rest of the amenities, they include the following: 

Saadiyat private beach. 
1847 salon. 
Fitness centre. 
Kids club. 


Whether you want to have a cold refreshing drink to combat the heat, a light snack in one of the private cabanas by the outdoor pool, or a fancy dinner in a unique setting by the beach, the Saadiyat Beach Club provides you with many restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Check some of them below: 

Safina: It serves a delicious variety of Mediterranean dishes.
La Salle: Your go-to place for classic French dishes. 
Cabana 9: A Shisha lounge that serves traditional Arabic dishes and drinks. 

Yas Beach Club

Yas Beach Club provides those looking for the best beach club experience in Abu Dhabi with "aha" and "wow" moments. Abu Dhabi's clear water is complemented by the club's white sand and surrounding mangroves one sees in movies, making it an ideal option for you if you want to relax, daydream and unwind as serenity and peace engulf your sense, away from the chaotic and fastpaced day-to-day obligations. 

Yas Beach Club is located on Yas Island, where you can experience the many tourist attractions such as Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. 

It is worth noting that Yas Beach Club allows visitors to choose between a one-day pass or monthly or annual membership plans that cover the needs of individuals, couples and families.

Amenities and Activities

Yas Beach Club has many amenities for its visitors, including a private beach with sunshades and cushioned loungers, so visitors can enjoy the warm sun with their cold drinks and delicious food. They can also get pumped with excitement and fun with water activities and sports such as swimming, paddling, jet skiing and volleyball. 

Moreover, the club has a huge pool that overlooks the stunning beach, and it is surrounded by private cabanas perfect for laying down to enjoy the views and the precious summer. 

The beach club offers private chalets equipped with TVs, modern and comfortable furniture, efficient air-conditioning systems and sparkling clean bathrooms, making them ideal for those looking for maximum privacy. 


Yas Beach Club offers many food options of Arabic and international cuisines for tasteful experiences in restaurants; however, people can also enjoy the different kinds of foods and drinks at the club's food kiosks, such as Italian pizza, and authentic Arabic food and fresh juices.  

Summer is here, so don't keep yourself from enjoying every bit of it, go visit both beach clubs in Abu Dhabi and choose the one that would be the place your summer would call home.