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July 10, 2023

Benefits of Living in Abu Dhabi: Luxury Beyond Your Expectations!

Do you dream of living in luxury in one of the world's best capitals, offering all the services you need? Surely Abu Dhabi - the oasis of the Arabian Gulf and its sparkling jewel - must have caught your attention; with its blend of modernity and heritage, towering buildings merge with Arabian architecture and charming nature surrounding it. This, alongside other factors, is what makes living in Abu Dhabi so appealing.

As a leading destination for businesspeople and investors, Abu Dhabi thrives with its strong economy and culture, making it an ideal place for individuals and families. In this article, we will discuss what life in Abu Dhabi is like and why many call this splendid paradise home. We will also touch on the Abu Dhabi lifestyle and what moving to Abu Dhabi is like, and How life in Abu Dhabi as an expat.

Here are benefits of living in Abu Dhabi

1. Ease of Obtaining Residence

Abu Dhabi is an expatriate-friendly city, demonstrated in its facilities, including residency and relocation to Abu Dhabi.

The process of moving to Abu Dhabi is made easier by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. They provide a comprehensive electronic system that enables newcomers to apply for residence in Abu Dhabi and provides clear guidance on required documents and related fees.

2. Job Opportunities

Due to its strong and growing economy, Abu Dhabi stands out in providing many job opportunities in various fields and specialities. The Emirate focuses on the workforce, and human resources are crucial factors to a strong economy and community. This is part of the Abu Dhabi lifestyle that attracts many expatriates.

Job opportunities in Abu Dhabi are open to both citizens and expatriates. Residents can enjoy a comfortable living standard, engage in various jobs, and get promoted to higher positions according to their institutions' guidelines.

Abu Dhabi presents many investment opportunities, making it an ideal environment for initiating startups or expanding existing businesses. Its supportive economic climate, underscored by beneficial investment facilities and tax incentives, significantly encourages investment, increasing job opportunities.

3. Diversity of Housing Options

When considering living in Abu Dhabi, expect more than standard apartment living. The city's residential areas boast impressive architecture, lasting construction, and captivating natural surroundings, providing a living experience beyond the ordinary. There are also numerous properties for rent in Abu Dhabi, catering to different needs and budgets.

Abu Dhabi's property market showcases many options, reflecting the city's diverse population and varying preferences and requirements, also varying best place to live in abu Dhabi. The types of real estate available include:

  • Lands
  • Hotel apartments
  • Residential villas
  • Beach apartments
  • Island apartments

Abu Dhabi enables newcomers to rent or purchase residential properties in compliance with the residents' ownership law provisions. The UAE has established these laws to regulate the ownership and leasing system across all Emirates and published them on their official website for public access.

4. Convenient Transportation Methods

In Abu Dhabi, you can always find a way to get around. The Emirate offers an extensive and user-friendly transportation network that encompasses various modes of transportation, such as:

  • Buses
  • Taxis
  • Smartphones transportation applications
  • Personal vehicles

Alongside these modes of transportation, the Emirate is currently developing the Abu Dhabi Metro network project. This project, spanning 131 kilometres, aims to interconnect the islands of Abu Dhabi.

Comfortable Bus Stops

In Abu Dhabi Emirate, citizens and residents or expat in abu Dhabi have well-equipped bus stops. To shelter from the harsh sun, these waiting areas offer air conditioning, modern design, and comfortable seating, with accessibility for people with disabilities.

Multiple Payment Options

The Abu Dhabi Emirate provides various payment options for its transportation services. Electronic payment cards and traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards are accepted on public buses.

Accessible Driving Licence Services

Both citizens and residents in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi can work towards obtaining a driving licence. This involves training at one of Abu Dhabi's driving institutes, applying for a driving licence with the necessary documents, taking a driving test, and successfully passing it.

Organised Parking Spaces

Parking in Abu Dhabi is meticulously organised. Every parking space on streets, alleys, and near commercial stores follows specific laws for daily rental to car owners. This process is well-regulated with payment boards and parking reservations, ensuring that nobody can park unauthorised without a reservation or without paying in advance.

5. Digital Services

Life in Abu Dhabi has embraced global developments by offering online services to streamline official transactions. These cover acquiring residency, paying traffic tickets, and accessing other proper paperwork. These electronic services simplify processes and speed up issuing official documents and approvals for citizens and residents.

6. Shopping Opportunities

As a significant economic hub, Abu Dhabi's markets are brimming with diverse goods; products that may only be available intermittently in other places are routinely found in Abu Dhabi. Living in Abu Dhabi offers unparalleled shopping experiences in large retail centres and huge fish markets.

7. Attractions and Leisure Activities

Abu Dhabi isn't only about work; it offers an array of tourist and recreational options, including:

Emirates Palace

Built by the Abu Dhabi government, this expansive hotel located in the heart of the city is a testament to Arab architectural tradition. Managed by Kempinski, the leading hotel services company, it offers 302 rooms and 92 suites, all serviced with a focus on guest comfort.

This hotel spans one kilometre and features 114 domes, with the tallest reaching around 73 metres. Adding to its appeal are the stunning green gardens surrounding it.

Inside the Emirates Palace, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, such as: 
  • Dining at restaurants or cafes
  • Shopping
  • Visiting therapeutic resorts
  • Attending health programs and conferences
  • Joining the sports club
  • And more fun activities!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the sixth-largest mosque globally, is known for its architectural beauty and attracts tourists worldwide. This impressive mosque can host more than 40,000 worshippers in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Alongside these popular tourist destinations, Abu Dhabi has numerous shopping centres and other entertainment and tourist attractions.

Why Choose Abu Dhabi for living and work?

Abu Dhabi has something for everyone. With its open approach to residency for expatriates, many job opportunities, and various housing choices in the most picturesque locations, it's hard not to feel welcomed.

Getting around or managing day-to-day affairs is a breeze, thanks to a robust and efficient transport system. Plus, with an endless array of shopping, leisure, and entertainment spots, there's always something to keep you engaged.

Are you excited to start living in Abu Dhabi? Find your dream home in Abu Dhabi and start living the luxurious life you deserve.