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February 28, 2023

Discover Aldar's Marinas in Abu Dhabi

Once upon a time, Abu Dhabi was a small fishing village, but today it has transformed into a popular tourist destination that offers a rich blend of cultural and modern experiences. One of the main attractions of this city is its stunning marinas. As you stroll along the shimmering waterfront, you can see some of the most beautiful boats in the world moored at these marinas.

Aldar Properties, one of the leading real estate developers in Abu Dhabi, has developed three luxurious marinas in Abu Dhabi. Read on to learn more about them!

Al Bander Marina

Want a marina in Abu Dhabi that provides quick access to Al Raha Beach? Al Bandar Marina is the perfect option! Located at the heart of a thriving island community, this marina is surrounded by luxurious residential towers, shops, a supermarket, and a bustling promenade filled with plenty of food and drink outlets.

One of the main attractions of this marina is its easy access to the sheltered waterways of Abu Dhabi, making it an ideal spot for cruising, water sports, and fishing. The marina offers 145 berths for boats ranging from 6.5 to 24 metres in length, offering a full range of services and amenities, including a fuel station, electricity, and water supply.

But the beauty of Al Bandar Marina goes beyond its convenient location and excellent facilities. The marina is an extension of a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the true spirit of Abu Dhabi. Here, you can witness the harmonious blend of traditional Arabian culture and modern amenities as locals and tourists enjoy the lively promenade, dine in some of the best restaurants, and relax in the beautiful public spaces.

Al Bandar Marina is not just a place to dock your boat; it is a destination that offers a unique experience.

Eastern Mangroves Marina

For the early risers looking for an ideal spot to watch the sunrise, Eastern Mangroves Marina in Abu Dhabi is your best bet. Occupying a vibrant location by the promenade, the marina offers a stunning view of the protected mangrove coastline of eastern Abu Dhabi.

This beautiful location is part of a high-end community with luxurious residential apartments, shops, a luxury hotel, restaurants, and cafes. The marina offers 50 berths for boats ranging from 6 to 24 metres in length, making it an ideal spot for cruising, fishing, and water sports.

But the true beauty of Eastern Mangroves Marina lies in its perfect blend of modern amenities and natural wonders. Here, you can witness the delicate balance between traditional Arabian culture and modernity as the mangrove-lined promenade comes to life with the sounds of bustling restaurants and cafes.

Besides being a beautiful tourist destination, Eastern Mangroves Marina is also a popular spot for locals. As the sun rises over the mangroves, you can see locals jogging, walking dogs, or simply enjoying the peaceful morning atmosphere.

Eastern Mangroves Marina is where you can witness the beauty of nature, experience the culture of Abu Dhabi, and enjoy the modern amenities this fantastic city offers.

Marsa Al Bateen

If you're exploring Abu Dhabi's extensive western waterfront, check out Marsa Al Bateen. This luxurious marina offers stunning views of the city's skyline. Situated next to the famous Bloom Marina and the high-end Marasy residential and retail development, this marina comprises two wet berth marinas and a dry-stack building occupying the east and west sides of Al Bateen Wharf.

The two wet berth marinas offer 519 berths for boats ranging from 10 to 35 metres in length. The marina also offers a full range of services and amenities, including fuel stations, electricity, and water supply.

But Marsa Al Bateen's charm is in its unique blend of modern amenities and traditional Arabian architecture. The marina's buildings are designed to reflect the region's classic style, with ornate arches, intricate woodwork, and delicate mosaics that create a sense of timeless beauty. This, coupled with the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and the Abu Dhabi skyline, makes for an ideal view.

In addition, Marsa Al Bateen is a popular destination for foodies, with a wide range of high-end restaurants serving international and local cuisine. The closeby outdoor dining areas provide the perfect setting for a romantic evening or a casual meal with friends and family.

Enjoy the stunning architecture, beautiful views, and top-notch amenities of Marsa Al Bateen. As one of the top marinas in Abu Dhabi, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the city's unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Make the Marinas in Abu Dhabi Your New Boating Home

If you're a boating enthusiast or want a luxurious waterfront lifestyle, these marinas by Aldar Properties in Abu Dhabi can make your dream a reality.

With stunning views, world-class amenities, and convenient access to the water, these marinas in Abu Dhabi are the perfect destination for boaters and anyone who loves the waterfront lifestyle. Learn more about each of these marinas here.