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January 08, 2024

Essential Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season

If you are a homeowner eager to preserve your home's "just like new" feeling and avoid any unwelcome maintenance surprises, this seasonal home maintenance checklist will help you. 

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

This season is perfect for addressing the aftermath of winter and preparing for the summer heat. Let's break down the essential tasks you need to do:

Interior Spring Maintenance

  • Windows

Clean your windows inside and out, then inspect and repair damaged screens.

  • Refrigerator Coils

Vacuum the refrigerator coils to remove dust accumulation.

  • Chimney Inspection

If you have a chimney, hire a professional inspector to clean it to avoid any hazards. 

  • Air Conditioning

Schedule a servicing for your AC unit before the summer temperatures arrive.

  • Plumbing Check

Examine your home's plumbing for any leaks that need addressing.

Exterior Spring Maintenance

  • Roof Inspection

Check your roof for loose or damaged shingles and address repairs promptly.

  • Foundation

Examine your foundation for any cracks or damage caused during winter.

We recommend that you pay attention to the foundation strength when purchasing a new house to minimise the damages that could be caused due to nature disasters; you can get such information when contacting the real estate company

  • General Upkeep

This includes re-nailing loose siding, repairing rotting wood, and ensuring intact caulking around windows and doors.

  • Caulking

Check and repair the seal between your house and driveway.

  • Water Systems

Drain sediment from your hot water tank and steam heating system.

  • Painting

Apply fresh paint to shutters, siding, or outbuildings as needed.

Garden and Garage Maintenance

  • Tree and Shrub Care
    Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs post-blooming and consult a professional arborist for tree inspections.
  • Flower Beds
    Clean out flower beds around the house.
  • Concrete Surfaces
    Check for cracks in concrete surfaces and structures.
  • Garage Door 
    Oil the tracks of your garage door for smooth functioning.
  • Pool Maintenance
    Begin treating the water in your pool, if applicable.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Having diligently followed the spring household maintenance checklist, you're well-prepared to enjoy the summer months. However, there are still some house upkeep tasks to keep it in top shape during summer.

Summer Indoor Maintenance

  • Ceiling Fans
    Check your ceiling fans and ensure they are dust-free and stable.
  • AC Maintenance
    Clean your AC air filters monthly for optimal performance.
  • Weather Stripping
    Replace weather stripping around doors and windows to maintain indoor temperature.
  • Pest Control
    Look for any indications of carpenter ants, termites, or other destructive pests. And contact an exterminator if necessary to manage bugs and household pests.
  • Indoor Cleaning
    Clean carpets and apply wax to tile and hardwood floors.
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans
    Inspect and clean to ensure they are working efficiently.
  • Attic and Basement
    Regularly check these areas for signs of pests or mould, focusing on dark, damp corners.

Summer Outdoor Maintenance

  • Lawn Care
    Regularly cut the grass, using the highest blade setting to protect against drought and weeds. Diligently dig up and spray for weeds.
  • Sprinkler System
    Inspect your sprinkler system for any signs of dirt accumulation or damage.
  • Pool Maintenance
    If you have a pool, regularly remove leaves and debris.
  • Exterior Repairs
    Summer is the perfect time to complete any pending exterior home repair projects.
  • Flat Roof Maintenance
    Check all flat roofs, recoating or sealing as needed.
  • Masonry Care
    Inspect and repair any deteriorating mortar, including the chimney and fireplace.
  • Concrete Surfaces
    Check the condition and level of concrete drives, sidewalks, patios, and landings, repairing or replacing them as necessary.
  • Drain Maintenance
    Add copper sulfate to the basement floor to control tree roots in the main sewer; it is recommended to install drain and downspout drains.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

As the warmth of summer transitions to the crisp air of fall, you should prepare your home or apartment for the coming winter.

Fall Indoor Maintenance

  • Chimney Cleaning
    If not done in spring, clean your chimney to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Dryer Vent
    Lint buildup from the dryer vent regularly to avoid the risk of fire hazards.
  • Draft Check
    Inspect windows and doors for drafts and seal any leaks.
  • Heating System
    Ensure your heating system, including boilers, is serviced and functioning efficiently.

Exterior Home Maintenance

  • Gutters
    After the leaves fall, clean your gutters again to prevent blockages.
  • Plumbing
    Winterise external plumbing to prevent frozen pipes.
  • Roof Inspection
    Conduct another roof inspection to prepare for winter snow loads.
  • Leaf Management
    Regularly rake leaves and keep your yard tidy.
  • Pool Maintenance
    Clean and close your pool for the season.
  • Sprinkler System
    Shut down and winterise your sprinkler system.
  • Firewood
    Accumulate firewood in preparation for colder nights.
  • Driveway and Steps
    Patch and seal your driveway and concrete steps/landings.
  • Tuckpointing and Sealing
    Check and seal masonry and tuckpointing on brick areas.
  • Weatherstripping
    Inspect and repair weatherstripping on doors and windows.

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter home maintenance focuses on keeping the cold out, maintaining heating efficiency, and preparing for common winter challenges.

Winter Indoor Maintenance

  • Draft Prevention
    Inspect windows and doors for drafts and seal any gaps to keep the warmth in.
  • Furnace Filters
    Replace furnace filters monthly for optimal heating efficiency.
  • Cabinet Doors
    Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors periodically to circulate warm air and prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Emergency Supplies
    Stock up on essentials like food and firewood in case of a winter storm.
  • Interior Repairs
    Use this time to repair any interior wall damage and touch up or repaint as needed.
  • Tile Maintenance
    Check and re-grout tiles in bath and kitchen areas, applying a silicone sealer for protection.

Winter Outdoor Maintenance

  • Snow Blower Tune-Up
    Ensure your snow blower is in good working condition, or contact a professional for a tune-up.
  • Ice Dams Inspection
    Inspect your home for ice dams to prevent water damage. You can also purchase ice melt for walkways and driveways.
  • Snow Management
    Shovel snow as needed, and watch out for heavy snow loads on your roof.
  • Tree Care
    Prune trees and ensure branches are at a safe distance from your home to prevent damage from ice accumulation.
  • Water Pipes
    At the beginning of winter, shut off interior valves supplying outdoor water pipes.


Follow our homeowner maintenance tips according to the season and get back to it at the end of every season to prepare for the next one. And don’t forget to check our expert tips for a successful home makeover.