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January 05, 2023

Guide to Buying Residential Property in Abu Dhabi 

Do you want to buy residential property in Abu Dhabi? Are you looking for a new apartment or villa? You may be buying your first home or moving into a new space that better suits your needs. Whatever the case may be, purchasing residential property can be overwhelming due to the endless options on the market and the hectic purchasing process. So, to avoid getting overwhelmed with options and to purchase the best property easily, continue reading our simplified guide to buying residential property in Abu Dhabi!

What to Consider Before Buying Residential Property

It is important to note that there are many things you need to consider and decide on before buying residential property in Abu Dhabi, and they are as follows: 

Residential Property Type

This is the most basic and important thing to decide first and foremost.

Deciding on whether you want to move into a villa, apartment, or studio apartment depends on many factors, primarily how much space you need. If you’re a working individual who works long hours at the office and spends little time at home, buy a studio apartment is just the right option.

If you’re moving into your new space with your spouse, studio and one-bedroom apartments are great. If you have or plan to have children and pets, you may want to consider a bigger apartment or a villa with enough room for everyone - whether for playing or family dinners.

Special Features

Before buying residential property, you should consider the special features you want your future home to have. These can include ceiling fans, wood flooring, a laundry room, a fireplace, and a waterfront - to mention a few!

To help you decide on the features you want, think about your daily needs, routine, and lifestyle. Do you need a walk-in closet? A two-car garage? Do you want a spare room to build a library or a personal studio? Do you prefer to have a separate room for your pets or maybe a play area for the kids? Whatever it is, keep it in mind when searching for a residential property.


The best and most convenient location looks different from one individual to another. The best place to live in Abu Dhabi If you have kids, it is best to reside in a neighbourhood close to many schools. If you or a family member have a health condition, you may prefer to have a hospital nearby. And to avoid traffic and dreadful commute times, you should get a residential property close to your workspace. No one likes to rush in the mornings, so pick a convenient location for an easier commute and smoother daily routine.

Budget Time!

It is self-explanatory. Without a budget, you may make unwise financial decisions, waste time looking at options that are out of your reach, or miss out on amazing ones, mistakenly thinking you cannot afford them!

Make your calculations, consider whether or not you want to get a mortgage, go over your savings, and see how your spouse can contribute.

Off-Plan or Ready-to-Move Properties

One last thing to consider is whether you want a ready-to-move or off-plan property. You can move into the first type of property as soon as the purchasing process is done, or you can choose an off-plan property that is still under construction, which offers you flexible payment plans and a lower cost.

Buying Residential Property in Abu Dhabi: The Actual Process

Now that you have a clear vision of what you want and your budget, it is time to get to business - searching the market and making the purchase. The following points show you the process you should expect when purchasing real estate in Abu Dhabi:

Finding an Agent

Working with a real estate agent will help you get reliable and knowledgeable advice on the real estate market. This will save you time and money as you search for the right property for you, whether online or offline. Searching for property online can surely make comparing prices and offers easier, but having an agent will provide you with knowledge and give you offers and opportunities you may have missed otherwise. Work with a reliable real estate agent to get the best deal possible!

Continue Your Property Search

Even after hiring an agent, continue the search yourself. Look up neighbourhoods, areas, and even real estate developers to discover the properties they offer. You should also visit these places when possible. Keep in mind that you should look at maintenance costs as well as the price of the property.

"Why should I look for property myself, even if I have an agent?" You may wonder. The answer is simple: You never know where the best deal may be! So, tackle those search engines and real estate portals until you find your dream home.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Now that you’ve done your research, time for the banking process!

If you’re not an all-cash-buyer, you should secure a mortgage early on to help you make your purchase. In the process of getting a mortgage, you will need to provide certain information and documents to your bank of choice, and they may include:

  • A salary letter from your employer.
  • Salary slips.
  • Six months of bank statements.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • A copy of your Emirates ID.
  • A copy of your current credit card statements.

Fees, Payments, and Agreements

Now that you have decided what property you want to purchase, you will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) once you’re satisfied with the offer you’re getting from the developer and reach an agreement. The (MoU) is signed between the seller and the buyer, and it is witnessed by the agent.

If you’ve secured a mortgage, the bank sends a valuation company to the property to complete a report and ensure it is bought for a fair price. Following this step, the buyer’s bank organises a cheque dated for the day of the transfer, and it is handed over to the seller directly. Then, the agent books the transfer date of the property.

To complete the process and transfer the property to the new owner, all parties, including the buyer, seller, agent, and bank representatives (if applicable), meet at Abu Dhabi Municipality or the developer’s office. Remember that under the Abu Dhabi laws, owners receive a title deed to legally and officially recognise their property ownership. Accordingly, title deeds make it easier to get a mortgage in the future and insure owners against any legal challenges or issues.

Regarding payment, you have to pay specific fees besides the property’s price:

  1. Registration Fee: This only applies if you buy residential property from an online or offline portal, and it does not apply to buyers making deals directly with developers. This fee makes up 2% of the purchase price.
  2. Commission Fee: You’ll have to pay 2% of the property price if you buy it via a real estate agent.
  3. Mortgage Arrangement Fee: This fee is a calculated sum you must pay the bank when buying a property through them.

Now, off to the core part of our guide to buying residential property: Aldar’s residential properties!

Residential Property in Abu Dhabi With Aldar

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