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March 15, 2022

Hotels In Abu Dhabi: The W Abu Dhabi

People from all over the world love to visit Abu Dhabi thanks to its undeniable and unforgettable Arabian magic and vibes. It is one place you do not want to keep on your bucket list for too long! 

So, if you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi soon, you must be looking for a hotel that matches your expectations and the luxury that Abu Dhabi promises you. And that’s exactly why you should go for The W Abu Dhabi hotel. 

Below is everything you need to know about The W Abu Dhabi hotel and what makes it the ideal option for you. 

The W Abu Dhabi Hotel: Yas Island 

Staying in Abu Dhabi is as best as it can get when you stay at the W Abu Dhabi hotel thanks to its magnificent location on Yas Island, making this hotel the perfect island getaway. 

Not only is W Abu Dhabi’s location unique and promising of lots of calming water, warm sun and fun water activities, but it also has modern architecture that is nothing less of an architectural masterpiece. 

The welcome area of W Abu Dhabi hotel is bold with its welcome desks that are shaped like oil drops, and jewel-tone furnishings depicting the colors of liquid gold. And that’s only the welcome area! The entire hotel is filled with vibrant and lively colors and shapes that perfectly depict how dynamic Abu Dhabi and Yas Island are. 

Suites And Rooms 

The W Abu Dhabi has 499 rooms and suites, making no room for unfulfilled needs and wants. They are all unique for their modern interior designs, complimentary Wi-Fi, advanced technologies, luxurious amenities and floor-to-ceiling windows blessing you with all the breathtaking views you’re eager to see. 

The window view is of the racetrack or Yas Marina, depending on what room and suite you stay in. However, you’ll find everything you need, want and dream of in whatever room or suite you choose. 

The options offered by the W Abu Dhabi hotel include: 


It is worth mentioning on a separate note that you can have an upgraded stay when choosing the Wow or Extreme Wow suites as they take up 140 - 409 square meters while offering you private pools and saunas, chandeliers of Swarovski lights, 180 degree views from your balcony space, which are of Formula 1® track or Yas Marina, depending on your choice of suite. 

Garage Abu Dhabi

During your stay at the W Abu Dhabi hotel, you will get to try the taste of the best of everything! Literally, we mean it. Garage is located at the W Abu Dhabi, and it is all about revolutionizing taste and creating unforgettable food experiences. 

All tastes and dishes are cherished with Garage as it provides you with the following: 

1. Steam Table:

This table is for lovers of the Asian flavors and bold street food flavors. 

2. Meat Vault:

This vault is all meat lovers’ dreams come true thanks to its fine taste and presentation. Need we say more?

3. Mezza Bar:

The taste of Levant flavors cannot get better with Mezza Bar at Garage. 

4. Tart Van:

Got a sweet tooth? This van will satisfy all of your sweet cravings. Sweet taste, sweet stay. 


Minutes Away 


The W Abu Dhabi hotel is located in the midst of fun! It is only minutes away from Yas Mall, Ferrari World, Yas Water World and Warner Bros. World just to maximize the fun of your stay. 

This way, you can try the most thrilling water slides, shop at one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi and experience unique and unforgettable theme parks with your loved ones. 

What are you waiting for? Book your room or suite in the W Abu Dhabi hotel to experience true luxury and joy.