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September 12, 2022

How To Get UAE Residence Visa

It's not a puzzle why the United Arab Emirates draws people from around the world to its urban centres. The UAE thrives as a forward-looking nation, with government measures resulting in one of the world's most rapidly expanding economies. Consequently, numerous investors and business entrepreneurs are consistently drawn to the UAE.
Nevertheless, it's equally crucial to recognise that it serves as an excellent destination for families seeking to settle down. An array of recreational, leisure, and educational opportunities is available. If you're contemplating a move to the UAE and considering acquiring a UAE residence visa through investment, here's what you should be aware of

What Is The Investor Visa?

Simply put, a UAE investor visa allows the applicant to get a citizenship by investment. That means that they need to either have invested in a pre-existing business in the UAE or that they need to be setting up their own business. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have specific Golden Investor Visas that are very similar but have some key differences.

How Long Does An Investor Visa Last For?

The duration of the investor visa depends on the size of the investment. There are 5-year Golden Investor Visas and 10-year Golden Investor Visas. The 5-year option requires you to invest no less than AED 5 million, and the 10-Year Golden Investor Visa requires you to invest no less than AED 10 million.

Where Can I Find Property To Invest In?

It is no secret that the UAE housing market is booming right now, and there are a lot of wonderful choices out there for anyone looking to gain UAE residency by investment.

If you want to find the right property for your needs, you need to find a developer with a range of options and the experience necessary to find you somewhere suitable.

For example, Saadiyat Island is a highly sought-after location as it combines beautiful natural surroundings with an enviable cosmopolitan lifestyle. If you are looking for a property on Saadiyat Island, look at the options provided by Aldar. They have a beautiful range of properties and experiences throughout the UAE.

Can I Bring My Family With Me?

One of the many perks of the Investor Visa is that it also covers your spouse and children. What's more, applying for a 10-year visa can also include one advisor and one executive director.

Who Else Can Apply For The Golden Visa?

Entrepreneurs and property investors are among the most common applicants for the Golden Visa, but the UAE also offers it to people with demonstrably exceptional talents. Artists, researchers, scientists, and doctors can be considered for it.

The UAE is committed to continuing growth in the future, and this visa demonstrates that they are dedicated to providing the proper support to individuals who will continue to drive the nation into the years ahead.

Other Types of Residence Visas

There are many other residence visa options in the UAE; here are some of which:

  • Residence Visa for Working in the UAE

Obtaining a residence visa for employment in the United Arab Emirates entails three distinct categories:

  1. Standard Work Visa

    This type of visa is issued to individuals employed in both the government and private sectors. It is the primary option for those seeking employment opportunities in the UAE.

  2. Green Visa for Work

    The green visa is specifically designed for skilled professionals and offers an extended validity period of up to five years. This visa category underscores the UAE's commitment to attracting and retaining top talent in various fields.

  3. Domestic Worker Visa

    The domestic worker visa is the appropriate choice for individuals working in domestic service roles, such as housekeepers or caregivers. It ensures that those providing essential household services can obtain the necessary documentation to work and reside in the UAE.

  • Residence Visa for Studying in the UAE

With two sponsorship options available, a student can choose to be sponsored by their parent, provided the parent is already a resident of the UAE. Alternatively, students can opt for sponsorship through the accredited university or college where they are enrolled. The process is made more accessible through the Student Affairs offices at educational institutions, which provide valuable assistance in securing the necessary visas.

A student visa in the UAE is initially granted for a one-year duration and can be renewed for subsequent one-year periods. Renewal is contingent upon presenting proof of continued enrollment and study from the educational institute where the student is pursuing their education.

Male students aged 25 and above can still remain under their parents' sponsorship if they can demonstrate their enrollment in a higher education institution for a minimum of one year's course.
As for female children, expatriate residents can continue sponsoring them for their studies, irrespective of age, until they get married. This flexibility in sponsorship options makes the UAE an attractive destination for students pursuing their educational goals.

Now you know everything about UAE residence visa, you are ready to apply for yours today!