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March 22, 2022

Life on Reem Island

Reem island is a natural island that has turned into one of the most prominent, modern and stylish residential destinations in Abu Dhabi. Whether you are looking for a new apartment, penthouse or townhouse, Reem island is the ideal place for your new home hunting experience, especially if you are craving water edge living.

Not only does Reem island provide you with many residential options that are truly elegant and luxurious, it also offers you many location benefits as well as lots of amenities just for your convenience.

Read on to discover more details about all of the above.

Convenient Location

When living at Reem island, you will automatically gain a convenient location since Reem island is:

  • Surrounded by the cultural and financial centers of Saadiyat and Al Maryah islands, enriching your living experience in all possible aspects.
  • Close to downtown Abu Dhabi. This way you can easily reach the busiest hub in Abu Dhabi for whatever it is you need or want.
  • Minutes away from Abu Dhabi airport. We all enjoy traveling, and it will only make you realize how sweet your home at Reem island is!

Leisure Facilities

Convenience isn’t the only thing that Reem island is designed to provide you with as it also prioritizes your entertainment. That is exactly why it provides you with the following leisure facilities:

1. Reem Central Park

Are you dreaming of a home with a backyard? Well, Reem central park can be your new spacious backyard if you choose one of Reem island’s residential units.

This park is solely dedicated for your joy and peace of mind. Do you want to recharge during the weekend? Or take your kids out for some fun time? Head to Reem central park that provides you with gardens, a skate park, an adventure trail, a mosque, a beach and restaurants.

2. Shams Boutik

Shams Boutik awaits your visit whenever you need to shop for anything, and whenever the urge to treat yourself hits. Shams Boutik is a retail destination with 82 outlets that have everything you need and want.

This retail destination also offers you food and drink outlets to make your shopping trip a lot more fulfilling and exciting.  

3. Cove Beach Club

Do you want to unwind by the beach? Tan and enjoy some peace and quiet? Cove Beach Club invites you to enjoy its beach, luxurious day beds, single beds and cabanas with their own Jacuzzi. In addition to lunch, Cove Beach Rosé wine and creative cocktails.

If you join Cove Beach club, you will take a trip all over the world thanks to its all-day menu that includes dishes from all cultures, so you never miss a taste!

Reem Island Residential Spaces

1. Reflection

Reflection, located on Reem island, is a residential area developed just for your comfort and luxury by Al Dar. It is named “Reflection” as it mirrors and reflects Reem’s two iconic towers.

It is well-known for providing an unprecedented modern and urban style for all residents, allowing them to live comfortably and according to their highest standards.

Reflection offers elegant studio apartments and 3-bedroom apartments for sale along with:

It is worth mentioning that Reflection II on Reem Island, the newest residential project in Abu Dhabi, is developed with brand new apartment buildings, sea views and the urban style that distinguishes Reflection.

1. Multipurpose halls.

2. BBQ areas.

3. Gyms.

4. Outdoor fitness area.

5. Adults’ infinity pool.

6. Children’s pool.

7. Play areas.

8. Lounge deck with spectacular panoramas.

9. Podium parking.

10. Sunbeds.

11. Views of the waterfront promenade

It is worth mentioning that Reflection II on Reem Island, the newest residential project in Abu Dhabi, is developed with brand new apartment buildings, sea views and the urban style that distinguishes Reflection.

2. The Bridges

The Bridges comprise six contemporary and modern towers that provide you with apartments for rent and sale. The towers also provide you with a unique cosmopolitan community that is a delight to join and be part of.

The Bridges has studio apartments and 3-bedroom apartments for you to choose from, and they come along the following features:

1. Male and female gyms.

2. Canal promenade.

3. Multipurpose halls.

4. Swimming pools.

5. Park and sea views.

6. Terraces and balconies.

7. 24-hour concierge service.

8. Spectacular views of the city.

9. Underground parking.

10. High quality sound insulation and double glazing.

11. Family friendly.

12. Community facilities such as schools, a university, malls,a café and pop-up shops.

3. The Gate Towers

If you’re looking for an apartment, penthouse, or townhouse for rent, the Gate towers provide you with all three residential options to choose from.

In the Gate towers, you will find studio apartments, 1 bed apartments, 2 bed apartments, 3 bed apartments, townhouses and penthouses. In addition to the following advantages:

1. Swimming pools.

2. Shopping mall.

3. Fitness center.

4. Covered and basement parking.

5. Garden views.

6. Childcare.

7. 24-hour maintenance.

8. 73 retail space.

9. Educational institutions.

10. Leisure facilities.

Whatever residential area you choose, you will surely have the best living experience on Reem island.