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Seih al Sedirah, Abu Dhabi


The stylish, self-contained community of AlGhadeer Lands in Seih Al Sdeirah sits on the border between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With more than 14,000 villas, maisonettes and townhouses, the development includes schools, a hotel, public gardens, community swimming pools, sports areas and community centres. Whether you are looking for residential plots for sale or land for sale in Abu Dhabi, you will find what you are looking for in Al Ghadeer Village.

Land Overview

  • Landbank - project overview - size

    Starting size

    5,000 sqm

  • Landbank - project overview - payment plan

    Payment Options

    Flexible payment plans

Landbank - Land use - apartments Residential apartment plots
Landbank - Land use - villa Residential villa plot
Camping and BBQ sites

Gardens and parks


Hotel community swimming pools


Multi-use sports areas

Running and cycle tracks


Landbank - reasons to buy - 75mn

Our land spans over 75 million sqm of Abu Dhabi

Landbank - reasons to buy - competitive prices

Competitive prices

Landbank - reasons to buy - land usage

Different land usage

Landbank - reasons to buy - enabled land

Enabled land

Landbank - reasons to buy - payment plan

Flexible payment plans

Landbank - reasons to buy - risk yields

Risk adjusted yields

Landbank - reasons to buy - upside potential

Significant upside potential

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