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Health and Safety


We are committed to creating a working environment where everyone feels safe. We promote a positive health and safety culture across all our developments that extends into the broader community.

We prioritise workers welfare and evaluate our health and safety systems continually in line with national requirements and international standards of best practice.

Our proactive health and safety monitoring includes internal and external regulatory compliance audits. These identify ways to reduce the risks, hazards and incidents associated with construction activities. We also implement a variety of other measures, including meetings, training, campaigns, inspections and health and safety alerts.

As part of our efforts to identify risks and hazards and implement safety controls, we monitor monthly health and safety statistics and develop monthly and annual reports for management review.

Health and Safety Overview


OSH/EHS Statistics

(Manpower & Man-Hours Worked)

Lost Time Injury
Frequency Rate (LTIFR)

Implementing Effective
Occupational Safety and Health “OSH” Proactive Monitoring Programme

Audits, Inspections & Enforcement Notices

Four Steps to Occupational Health & Safety

Before starting work, make sure you follow these four steps:

  • H&S step 1

    Are you in a safe place and able to perform your task safely?

  • H&S step 2

    Do you have safe working practices?

  • H&S step 3

    Do you have appropriate equipment and the correct tools for the job?

  • H&S  step 4

    Are your colleagues nearby performing their activities safely?

*Before starting any activity, ensure you have the correct resources, take proactive steps to reduce the risk of incidents, and flag any hazards.